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Combined with statedumps, a reboot would only be necessary to update the driver and would probably be a transparent change to admins and users alike. The original article was at Dworkin’s Game Driver. As part of the thesis work, a deterministic mechanism for handling arrays and mappings passed between objects was devised. But I guess it has not reached enough people yet because outside of Skotos and a few games here and there I do not see a lot of work being done with DGD. Dual gradient drilling DGD , a technique long studied by the offshore drilling industry for downhole pressure management, is no longer defined simply by the use of two fluid gradients in the wellbore or riser. So the game, combat, characters, skills, and all of those things are still up to the designer. Sign In Don’t have an account?

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This thesis describes modifications made to Dworkin’s Game Driver DGD to provide non-clonable objects entities and deterministic pointer type conversion from reference to copy at execution thread boundaries. The most commonly used objects are generally kept in memory to negate any non-trivial swapping cost and things are put to disk automatically based on when they were last accessed.

Dworkin’s Game Driver – Wikipedia

One was made in the last couple of days. There are complications with this approach, however. This will leave inheriting objects referring to the old version of the object, so they must in their turn either be recompiled, if possible, or destructed and compiled again in order to refer to the new version.

The field trial proved valuable in showing that well control is manageable with CMP DGD and that the system is capable of detecting a liquid or gas influx early, keeping it small, Mr Cohen noted. The influx is circulated out using the subsea pump and a choke to control the pressure, Mr Cohen said. MidDGD was used for academic research into persistent distributed object systems.


The driver can start from a statedump and have the game be exactly in the same state it was before reboot, minus network connections. Small nitrogen influxes also were injected into the drill string and pumped downhole.

Certainly his right to decide what he want to work on, but it is not exactly an myd way to talk to people who depend on your code to run their games. Pressure sensors monitor the riser fluid level and nud input for the control system.

Larger influxes can be circulated out of the well with the BOP closed, but through the subsea pump to keep bottomhole pressures in the window between the pore and fracture pressures. Views Read Edit View history. The recompilation mechanism dhd essential for persistent but evolving systems.

When the fluid level was raised, a small amount of gas was flushed to the surface, and a gas-handler at the top of the riser kept the gas from the drill floor. Its most compelling feature for most users, though, is the fact that its code is quite simple.

Dworkin Felix Croes actually makes his living primarily off the sale of DGD commercial licenses, so he works on it constantly. It dgr from the original in that it is mostly a disk-based game.

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These feature include persistence, Dynamic Recompilation, and statedumps, which allows a fully persistent system–no reboots and no reset system. I would have liked to have them remember certain facts and events over time but to do that I had to save the information somewhere else and then re-transfer it back each time the game rebooted.

The conventional approach kept bottomhole pressures at a safe level and circulated the influx from the well about an hour faster than the CMP method. Phantasmal is designed for more expansion.


These influxes were circulated up the riser with the BOP open and the rig in drill-ahead mode, with no problems in pump ddgd or changes in bottomhole pressure. This is why it is possible to reboot and easily maintain persistence of the way things were before the reboot. With the pump running at constant speed, the liquid influx was detected using riser pressure directly in less than a minute in most cases.

As in conventional well control, a surface choke controls the standpipe pressure.

Dworkin’s Game Driver

Send a private message to mikosevaar. And it is not totally from scratch, a couple of mudlibs exist that cover some of the messier items, like chat lines and security. For example, the initial design of the CMP called for implementing a dynamic kill method, whereby the rig pumps are not shut off. The DGD driver transparently swaps all the objects in memory to disk based on parameters that dyd be tuned by the admin of the game.

Because DGD is also disk-based it can be mue by swapping much of its unused memory to disk. The CMP choke maintains relatively constant stand pipe and bottomhole pressures during influx circulation.

This thesis describes the design and implementation of a persistent distributed object oriented system and programming environment. Use of the small auxiliary line combined with crew inexperience are considered the major factors as to myd the CMP influx circulation was slower. Send a private message to Loriel.