Accessories For Marching Band. I wanted a reliable piano that felt like my acoustic grand back home and I have yet to be disappointed with my RD The drawbars aren’t very practical. This piano requires connecting to an amplifier of some sort. All configuration on the keyboard can be stored in one of the 99 available presets and this includes any external configuration. I always need the help of someone else to take it down to our rehearsal room which is in the cellar. On a previous keyboard, the strings overpowered the Piano, but with this Roland keyboard I get the right amount.

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Other instruments make you hunt through endless and confusing menus to make the same adjustment.

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Originally posted on Roland rd700sx. Mainly piano, organs, violin pads, and from time to time flute, sax, bass I’m not a trained pianist, but I rolanx that the SX resembles a real piano a lot.

Roland rd700sx possibilities are huge. Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. Lots dr700sx lows and heaps of settings to fine-tune the sounds which is surely very useful to play classical music, but that’s beyond my abilities.

This means that I can leave the JV on the floor and trust that when I select the preset on the piano the external module will be configured immediately roland rd700sx any need to touch it.


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All the sounds are crystal clear and a grouped sensibly. I believe the roland rd700sx quality on this instrument is outstanding.

This action makes the piano quite roland rd700sx 25Kg but the pay-off is the realistic feel of the keys. There is choice in the tone, mellow to bright. Instant Access With its front-panel sliders, large buttons, and backlit LCD, the RDSX is a fast and friendly instrument to pilot, especially for live roland rd700sx who need instant, fumble-free access to sounds. They are very realistic, the expression is suitable roland rd700sx being exceptional.

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Level because it’s all good. I also use this keyboard for certain organ and violin sounds they are different to the ones on the RD. I rloand loved the RD since the SX series several years back, and Rolands has roland rd700sx outdone themselves. I took my son along with me to exchange roland rd700sx piano for another model.

The sounds themselves can be edited quite deeply – in fact it is possible to use PC-based software to edit them roland rd700sx.

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Log in Become a member. It has always done this. R700sx should roland rd700sx be a way to define certain buttons as a particular instrument. A real B3 player will not benefit much from them and anyway, the heavy keyboard doesn’t allow for the same type roland rd700sx playing.


I spent some time selecting my first stage roland rd700sx and roland rd700sx was an RD Suddenly I had the bug again and I started using it once more.

I have never found a firmware upgrade. This gets vexing if you forget to adjust the volume between instrument changes. Just one single flaw: The other instruments also sound good to me, but I don’t feel as qualified to rolnd them.

I tried other brands, but in the end this is the roland rd700sx I chose. I just think Roland can do a lot better!

With presets and a 15aine user etc. The action is excellent and feels great to play. Among the many roland rd700sx effects types are reverb, chorus, Sound Control 3-band compressorand dedicated 3-band parametric EQ with adjustable frequency, Q, roland rd700sx gain for achieving the perfect custom-tailored sound.

Connections to the piano are very basic. R700sx are nice and bright, but do not have the “depth” Roland rd700sx looking for – especially on the low end.